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A solo guitar CD released January 2001.
This immediate sometimes improvisational
music incorporates folk,jazz, classical and
Latin idioms.
  Long Night's Moon Tracks

1. Lioness 4.25
2. Long Night's Moon 5:14
3. The Gift of Your Love 12:00
4. Sunrise in Granada 6:30
5. Flaxen Moon 3:34
6. Homenaje a Paco
7. Long Night's Moon(two) 4:30
8. Scenes from the Third Mountain 2:36
9. Portrait in D 2:30
10. Blues for Doc Watson 3:40
11. The Gift of Your Love (two) 10:40
12. Long Night's Moon (three) 4:11


'Long Night's Moon'

The takes from this album were recorded in the
hours surrounding the rising of the Long Night's Moon.
the full moon at 4:43pm on 11 December 2000.

The music is immediate and sometimes improvisational with only a few minor edits and no splices or punch ins. In this recording, I have sought not perfection, but rather the preservation of a moment in time.

Brian Rolland, Marblehead MA, December 2000

All songs composed and performed by Brian Rolland. Except Scenes from the Third Mountain and Portrait in D,© Bart Jordan.

Played on a 1978 Contreras Model Classical Guitar strung with Savarez ultra high tension strings.

Recorded at Mixed Emotions Music, Middleton, MA

Rich Durkee-engineer